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卢赛翼 / Stan Lu / Moddyriffs

  • Shanghai China
  • Hangzhou Zhejiang China


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除了制作人的身份,Stan 同时也善于利用 Live 现场表演。他通过 Ableton Live,Ableton Push,合成器以及真实世界的声音采样勾勒出他心中关于当下以及未来的思考。他将软件与硬件结合的 Hybrid 工作流程带入现场表演的 Live Set 中,为地下俱乐部的舞池注入更多元素。

Stan可以为不同水平的 Ableton 用户提供中英文课程。包括 5 人小班、1 对 1 私人教学,同时支持多人小组报班和课程定制。

Stan comes from the background of an instrumental performance. He has worked in the music industry for more than a decade as a producer, mixer, and DJ. He is passionate about creating his own vision of present and future through music, utilizing Ableton Live, Ableton Push, synthesizers and recorded samples.

Apart from being a producer, Stan also performs live. He brings his hybrid studio workflow to his live set, pumping more energy and dynamics to underground dance clubs.

Stan offers private and group lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced users via Skype,WeChat and in-person, in both English and Mandarin. His specializations include sound design , mixing, setting up live performances with Ableton Live and various other personalized instruction.

He currently lives between Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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