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Simone Tanda

  • London United Kingdom

Simone Tanda is a bass player/music producer/live performer who loves low frequencies. He gives electronic music lectures as well as one-to-one tutorials in several colleges and Live certified training centers in London and in Italy. Simone has been using Ableton Live since 2006 and it has become his favourite software...

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...tool for producing and performing.

In 2009, he earned a multi-style bass degree at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. As a bass player he has worked with a large number of bands, playing many different styles including jazz, pop and trip-hop.

With a broad musical background, his track record as a producer covers many genres: electro-funk, breakbeat, rock, industrial and hip-hop with also some experience in ambient, acid jazz, and deep house music. He is interested in all aspects of of production including beat making, editing, and multi-track recording.

Today, Simone focuses on audio-visual production and live performance. He works as a freelance producer, composing for commercials and television. He specializes in using Ableton Live for live performance but also has expertise in using Live inside and outside the studio.

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