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Santiago Domingo Devia

  • Buenos Aires Argentine

Santiago Domingo Devia is a producer, DJ, drummer and Ableton Certified Trainer from Argentina. He has released electronic music under the name Santo Domingo and urban music as S4NTO. Santiago developed his skills as a controllerist in the band Quilombo Eletropical, mixing electronic music with native Latin American sounds.

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Santiago Domingo Devia started learning the drums when he was 15 and played in a number of rock and pop bands. His search for new sounds led him to buy his first synthesizer and develop an interest in new music technologies. Santiago received a degree in industrial engineering and now teaches technology to high school students. His love of controllers led him to manufacture his own. He has published a book of short stories and poetry, worked as a reporter and writer for music magazines, and is the author of the first Argentine blog about music production. In 2010, Santiago decided to dedicate his profession to the use of Ableton Live as a production and creative tool.

At present, he is the administrator of the Argenlive User Group and organizer of the Ableton Live National Users’ Meeting in Argentina.

Santiago has given master classes and workshops at Buenos Aires’ leading music production schools. He teaches small classes and one-on-one sessions, and offers online training via Zoom.

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