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Salvo Zeta

  • Rome Italie

Salvatore Zappala' has been playing piano and synthesizers since the early 90s and has played in many bands (rock, metal, pop, electronica, jazz) and gained solid experience in sound synthesis, synth programming, and computer sequencing. In 2008, he earned a Jazz Piano degree at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

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He also runs the label Time Control Records and performs as Mystical Woofer (Psy trance) and ZSide (Hardtekno).

After discovering Ableton live in 2004 (version 4), he began producing and performing techno, minimal techno, breakbeat, hard tekno and drum & bass in clubs around Italy. Salvatore is also experienced as an audio-video live performer. His musical tastes are very broad, and he enjoys music in many genres.

Salvatore has taught Ableton live and music production as a freelancer since 2006. His classes are typically composed of 5-10 students and include Getting Started with Live, Advanced Production Techniques with Ableton Live, Live on Stage, and more. He teaches instrumentalists, electronic musicians, producers, DJs, from beginners to experienced users. His preferred genre is Techno. One-on-one lessons are also available.
Apart from one-on-one lessons, Salvatore teaches at Absonant Training Center.

In 2017 Salvo founded LFO Music Academy, an online music production school.

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