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Ron Rüegg

  • Zurich Suisse

Ron Rüegg has been deep into producing and performing electronic music since the late ‘90s. Currently he hits the floors with the international live act Fem Ensemble as well as his alter ego Rjega. By running his studio Schaltraum for over two decades, Ron has gained a lot of skills and experience in producing, mixing and recording. He has worked with artists from many genres and is a strong communicator.

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Being part of the Switzerland-based label Freunde Elektronischer Musik has given him a broad knowledge of the business. When he discovered Ableton Live, Ron's process of musical creation reached new levels of innovation and spontaneity, and after fielding many questions about Ableton Live from producers, DJs and newcomers, he decided to pass on his passion and knowledge in a professional way. Ron is specialized in teaching Ableton Live in one-on-one lessons and also lectures at SAE Zürich.

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