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Robert Koster

  • Adélaïde Australie-Méridionale Australie

With over a decade of music industry experience specializing in dancefloor-oriented music, Robert Koster can provide custom solutions to help you level up your sound design, mixing, arrangement, live performance and Max For Live skills, ensuring your music stands out amongst the crowd.

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Since 2003, Robert Koster has been working towards his passion in the music industry. Robert has performed at some of the best venues in Australia, supporting acts from around the world, both as a DJ and performing live using Push, all whilst cultivating his signature techno sound.

Robert has been a Live user since 2011, with a strong focus on sound design and advanced production techniques. Robert also creates music production tools to help artists make better music faster using Max For Live. Having composed and performed various styles with Live, Robert has presented at workshops as well as provided tuition and mastering services to artists around Australia since 2015.

Having previously worked for SAE Institute Adelaide and TAFESA, Robert founded Fixation Studios in 2019 to help artists achieve their creative dreams via one-on-one consultation and training, both in-person and online.

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