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Riccardo Giovinetto

  • Turin Italie
  • Milan Italie

Riccardo Giovinetto is a multidisciplinary artist based in Turin. He is an acoustic physicist, musician (curved soprano sax), composer, visual artist and teacher. He works at the juncture of sound and visual, using Ableton Live and Max 8|Jitter to create sound-reactive performance.

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He is part of electronic and instrumental duo OZMOTIC, released by Touch. Scientific training on one hand and jazz and classical music studies on the other led him to link heterogeneous artistic fields, developing a deep interest in performances capable of involving the viewer from various points of view to interact with the world of theater and video. The use of Ableton Live since 2007 allowed Riccardo to further develop his musical research, expanding the opportunities for interaction with video, and to explore areas of musical and conceptual boundaries.  Riccardo is active as an international performing artist (Italy, France, Spain, Germany) and has collaborated with musicians such as Christian Fennesz, Murcof, Senking and Frank Bretschneider. Riccardo has 20 years experience in teaching. He is a university professor and teaches acoustical physics for sound engineering, sound design and techniques of audio-video interaction, sound spatialization, and multimedia installations. He offers masterclasses and one-on-one lessons in advanced production with Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max/Jitter.


Riccardo Giovinetto è artista multidisciplinare, fisico acustico, musicista (sax soprano ricurvo), compositore, Visual Artist e didatta di esperienza ventennale. Ha suonato e collaborato con musicisti del calibro di Christian Fennesz, Murcof, Senking and Frank Bretschneider ed è cofondatore del duo di musica elettronica OZMOTIC, i cui lavori vengono pubblicati dall’etichetta londinese Touch. E’ docente universitario per il SAE Institute di Milano, per la Scuola di Alto perfezionamento Musicale (APM) di Saluzzo (Cn) e per il Gamma Music Institute di Torino dove tiene corsi di Sound Design, Interazione Audio Video, fisica acustica per ingegneri del suono, spazializzazione e installazioni multimediali Durante alcuni periodi dell’anno tiene masterclass estive e lezioni individuali per livelli medi ed avanzati con Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max/Jitter.

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