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Pierre-Antoine Grison aka Krazy Baldhead

  • Paris France

Pierre-Antoine Grison is a French musician and producer, based near Paris. He’s been a Live user since 2003 and has released music on Ed Banger Records as Krazy Baldhead among other projects. He provides a complete range of services around Live : training, consulting, custom devices design. He also created State Of The Loop, a controller dedicated to Live’s Looper.

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Being a trained keyboardist, Pierre-Antoine was taught classical music from a young age; his training also included improvisation in Jazz and Indian music. His musical scope ranges from hip-hop to electro, through to house and beyond. He has performed around the globe for various projects.

Pierre-Antoine’s been using Live extensively since 2003, both on stage and in the studio. As an active member of the Ableton community, he’s been an internal tester for Ableton since 2006.

Thanks to his various experiences and his engineering background, he provides a complete range of solutions for live performance, from training to Live set design, from consulting to Max For Live patch design or custom hardware creation.

He created State Of The Loop, the first hardware pedal dedicated to Live’s Looper, providing visual feedback of the state of the Looper plus many other features.

He offers group or one-on-one classes, demos for both Live and Push, and consultation.

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