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陈沛宇 / Peiyu Chen

  • Beijing China

陈沛宇,Peiyu Chen,现居北京。他从事影视剧音乐创作,有多部一线电视剧作曲经验,在创作中他不断推进传统音乐与电子音乐的融合。此外,他还在B站上贡献了许多关于 Ableton Live 和音乐制作的教学视频。

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Peiyu 热爱钢琴和现代音乐理论,但又痴迷于各种新奇的音色。他认为优秀的作品必然是音符与音色的完美配合。
虽然出身于传统音乐,从业于传统音乐为主的影视配乐行业,但他更注重现代电子音乐潮流和传统音乐的融合。他希望把电子音乐当中的创作想法融合到原有的传统创作思路当中。因此,Peiyu 可以在教授 Ableton,Max for Live 的同时,为音乐爱好者提供音乐理论,音色设计和音乐创作等帮助。他致力于将 Ableton Live 的音乐创作乐趣传播给更多的人 。

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Chen Peiyu, Peiyu Chen, now lives in Beijing. He is engaged in the creation of film and television drama music, and has many first-line TV drama composing experiences, in which he constantly promotes the integration of traditional music and electronic music. He also contributed a lot of teaching videos about Ableton and music production on the B station.

Peiyu loves piano and modern music theory, but is obsessed with all kinds of novelty sounds. He believes that a great peice of music is more than just the notes of the arrangement. It also the combination of the notes, the sound, the texture.

Although born in traditional music, he is engaged in the traditional music-based film and music industry. He hopes to integrate the creative ideas in electronic music into the original traditional creative ideas.

Therefore, Peiyu can provide music lovers with music theory, sound design, music composition, etc. while teaching Ableton, Max for Live. He is actively working on bringing the joy of using Ableton Live in music education to more people 

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