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Pedro Rovetto

  • Cali Colombie

As an experienced musician and record producer, Pedro Rovetto uses Ableton Live as his main creative instrument and tool. He knows Live and Push like the back of his hand, and is very experienced in teaching music production and the creative musical process.

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Pedro Rovetto is a Latin Grammy-nominated music producer and recording engineer from Cali, Colombia. He’s been using Ableton Live since 2008, producing and performing with his rock band Superlitio. Pedro has also worked on indie, alternative rock, electronica and hip hop albums, both as a musician and as a producer, using Ableton Live.

Currently, Pedro is the studio manager for Arbol Naranja in Bogotá, and one of the most sought-after independent producers in Colombia. Specializing in Ableton Live, he has been teaching music production at Escuela de Música Fernando Sor in Bogotá for the last four years.

Pedro is available for classes with a maximum of three students. Topics include Getting Started with Live, Ableton Live on Stage, and Music Production with Ableton Live.

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