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Paddy Free

  • Auckland Nouvelle-Zélande

Paddy Free is one of New Zealand’s best-known electronic musicians. A multi-platinum selling producer and New Zealand Music Award-winning audio engineer, he is passionate about live performance and loves helping musicians bring their music from the studio to the stage.

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Paddy Free began performing live electronic music with an all-hardware setup in 1990, and has been an Ableton Live user since 2002. Recording and performing around the world as one half of Pitch Black and as a solo artist, he has written music for film, theater, dance, television and multimedia art as well as acting as producer and engineer for many world renowned New Zealand artists.

Paddy has worked with Crowded House, Killing Joke, Salmonella Dub, Moana and the Tribe, Kora, The Adults and the New Zealand Symphony and Auckland Philharmonic Orchestras – to name only a few.

Paddy is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience. He has given Ableton
Live clinics and lectures around the world since 2008, and devised and taught the Introduction to Ableton Live course at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand. He offers one-on-one training and consultation in all aspects of electronic music production and performance.

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