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  • Turin Italie

MusicLab began as a recording studio in Turin in June 2003. In 2004 it organized courses for sound engineers in collaboration with learning centers accredited by the Italian Ministry of Labour and the Region of Piedmont.

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MusicLab is responsible for course planning and coordination and student selection and tutoring. All the courses provide theory lessons, practice sessions in studio and, in the end, an internship in partnered companies operating in show business. The center is projected and developed to host and promote all the activities related to the music world, included live events. The site offers various benefits, both in terms of space and available equipment:

Recording studio with two isolation booths acoustically treated for stereo and surround mixing

  • One classroom equipped with twenty personal computers
  • A large classroom dedicated to seminars
  • Auditorium for practical training on stage
  • A room reserved for the practical training of students equipped with an analog mixer, outboard and hard-disk recording system

MusicLab today is one of the most important centers of technical education dedicated to professional sound in Italy, including among its partners and teachers more than twenty music-industry professionals. It has issued hundred of professional qualification to young students. The goal is to professionalize the approach to music production and to provide useful tools to students for turning their passion into working skills. The center's Ableton training programs are structured either as sixteen-hour full immersions over a weekend or fourteen-hour in-depth courses spread over three weekends. Maximum number of students is six per class. A basic knowledge of computer music is required.

Remarque: les formateurs certifiés Ableton et les Centres de Formation Certifiés Ableton sont des entités ou entreprises privées et ne constituent ni des employés ni des agents d'Ableton. Ils ne sont pas administrés par Ableton AG, Ableton Inc. ou Ableton KK. Les formateurs et les centres sont seuls responsables de leurs propres offres de cours et de leurs programmes. Ableton n'assume aucune responsabilité pour les actions des formateurs ou des centres.