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Marcin Staniszewski

  • Warsaw Poland

Marcin Staniszewski is a musician, producer and sound designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He has been making music since he was eight, venturing into many styles and sonic territories. As a multi-instrumentalist (piano, french horn, alto saxophone) he has played in numerous bands and ensembles while studying at Wrocław University...

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...and New York State University. Today he is a leader of the highly regarded Polish alternative band Beneficjenci Splendoru (Sony Music), a respected remixer (4th place in the international contest for Gossip's „Perfect World” remix)  and owner of Color My Sound music production company.

Marcin specializes in electronic and experimental music based on modular synthesis, field recordings and creative sampling. Using Ableton Live 9 and Push instrument as his studio core elements, he also designs sound libraries for iOS apps, commercials and films.

In 2010 he started offering one-on-one music production courses sharing his 15 years of studio experience with others. Currently he offers Ableton Live 9 and Push course for individuals , as well as groups of up to four people.

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