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Lorne Bregitzer

  • Denver Colorado États-Unis

Lorne is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, teaching audio production, sound design, sequencing and mastering. He has worked with many major label and independent artists in the studio, including Eminem, D’Angelo, Blue Traveler and TV on the Radio. He enjoys composing and performing original compositions in Live, as well as remixing various songs for live performance.

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A lifelong musician, Lorne has worked as an audio professional for 20 years. He has a background in audio production, engineering, synthesis, sound design and mastering. Lorne has engineered recordings for a diverse range of artists, including Blues Traveler, eminem, TV on the Radio, D’Angelo, NSYNC, Keller Williams and The Samples.

Lorne is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver in the Music & Entertainment Industry Studies department. There he teaches graduate and undergraduate students in audio production, mastering, sound design, synthesis and pedagogy.

As a performer, Lorne began using Live as a performance tool, and has since expanded to using Live for production, composition, sound design and synthesis.

In addition to using Live in his courses at the University of Colorado Denver, Lorne is available for one-on-one and small group classes, as well as via video chat to anyone in the world. His specialties are audio production, mixing, sound design, sequencing and live performance. This includes the use of Live, Push, Link and Max for Live.

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