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Liina Turtonen

  • York Royaume-Uni

Liina Turtonen (aka LNA) is a music producer, mixing engineer, musician and content creator best known for her YouTube channel, LNA Does Audio Stuff. She is a passionate Ableton Live user and educator who aims to inspire everyone to reach their full potential as musicians and live performers.

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Liina Turtonen (aka LNA) is a music producer, mixing engineer, musician and content creator best known for her inspiring YouTube channel, LNA Does Audio Stuff. The channel features Ableton Live, Max For Live and Push 2 tutorials, fun challenges and other audio-related content. Liina is originally from Finland, and her background is in theater, classical music and live performance. Her experience manifests in her artistry, which is electronic music inspired by her Nordic heritage. Ableton Live is the center of her live performance set, together with Push 2, vocals, violin, guitar and synthesizers. 

As a teacher, she has experience in higher education as a former music production lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire. Currently, she offers courses, masterclasses, one-to-one lessons and online talks for schools and organizations, on YouTube and for her Patreon community. Together with Emily Johnson, Liina is co-founder of Equalize Music Production CIC, which delivers courses for women and non-binary people in music production.

One of her main goals is to open up conversations about the insecurities we all experience as music-makers, aiming to make music production more approachable and accessible for everyone. In her teaching, Liina focuses on creativity, confidence, workflows and making sure everyone leaves the lesson inspired and ready to achieve their full creative potential.

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