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Liam Shy

  • San Francisco CA États-Unis

Liam Shy is an artist, music professor, creative entrepreneur and law student. He specializes in music production & sound design with Ableton Live, as well as creative business strategies for taking your music career to the next level.

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Liam Shy is a dynamic and passionate scholar, teacher and entrepreneur dedicated to the arts, legal and business communities his entire life. His work includes being a city commissioner, professor, founder, law clerk & student, music producer, DJ, videographer, sound designer, live sound engineer and advocate for the electronic music community.

Liam graduated from the Pyramind Institute for Digital Audio in 2008 specializing in digital audio, sound design and mixing & mastering. He was awarded a “Master’s Equivalency” in 2017 by the Dean of San Francisco State University as part of his teaching credential. He has worked professionally as a sound designer and composer, including on titles for the Wii, XBOX and national television commercials.

In addition, Liam also founded Diamond Sonic, a DJ & AV company producing high-end corporate events. His clients include Levi Strauss & Co, Google, Uber, TechCrunch, SF City Hall, Bentley, The Obama Victory Fund, Pandora and many more.

On the community side, Liam has been active from a very young age. At 19, he passed his first law extending the hours in which 18+ music events could operate in San Francisco. He served on the Youth Commission and San Francisco Late Night Coalition as a volunteer for several years. In 2010 he helped form the Save The Rave group, which successfully organized against AB 74 – the bill that threatened to severely limit electronic music events in California through state law.

Liam is also focused on his work at Northwestern California University School of Law, and plans to work with creative media, artists and entrepreneurs on solving the myriad legal and transactional challenges they face on a daily basis.

Fun fact: Liam DJ'd at Coachella under his music project Mountain Of Youth in 2016! It was AWESOME!! 

Liam is available for private lessons, group classes and workshops, both online and in person.

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