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Lawrence Grey

  • Los Angeles CA États-Unis

Lawrence Grey has been using Ableton Live since 2006 to produce records, DJ, and teach kids across the country how to make electronic music. His personal productions and DJ sets lean towards House and Techno, but in his educational work Lawrence has made everything from Trap to Trance. This versatility...

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...gives him the ability to help a producer on any level better achieve his or her musical goals, no matter the genre. Lawrence has shown everyone from incarcerated youth in East Brooklyn to professional producers in LA how to use Ableton in a way that suits their individual style.

Currently, Lawrence runs a program called Young Producers Group (YPG) that’s connecting kids all across Los Angeles through their shared passion for music production.
With YPG, Lawrence is running after-school workshops in studios, teaching private lessons, and creating Ableton programs at schools and nonprofits. An advocate for the arts in inner-city schools, Lawrence Grey is determined to bring electronic music to schools that have been without music for years. To learn more about YPG, please visit youngproducersgroup.com.

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