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Kinneret Technology College

  • Kinneret Israël

Kinneret Technology college is located on the southern foot of the Sea of Galilee, Israel and is the largest institute to offer a degree in Sound engineering in the country. The Sound Technology department was established in 2,000, and over the past 18 years has built a reputation as a leading institute in sound tech studies in Israel.

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We offer our students an education in a wide variety of subjects in the field of Sound technology, such as: Studio Recordings, Post Production, Live reinforcement, Acoustic Design, Music Programming, Plugin design, Music & sound fx for computer games, Digital audio system design, etc. There are five different studios in the department's compound: 

  • Recording studio 1 – Trident 78 - 32 Channel Console, 3 x Focusrite RedNet interface, outboard gear by companies such as 'Millenia', 'Empirical Labs', 'Lexicon', 'Neumann'' etc.
  • Recording Studio 2 – Designed for recording and Post-Production work - D&R Cinemix – 48 Channel Console.
  • Computer Lab – Has 12 DAW's, fully equipped. Apple Computer based.
  • Large Study Class room
  • Smaller Study class + Live recording room.

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