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Ken Chan

  • Vancouver Colombie-Britannique Canada

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Ken has been a full-time composer in Hong Kong since 2000, and specialises in producing music of a variety of styles for TV commercials and film. Ken has played keyboard in concert for some of Hong Kong’s biggest pop stars, such as Aaron Kwok, Joey Yung,...

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Cantonais Chinois, Anglais
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...Eason Chan, and Ekin Cheng, where Ableton Live has often been used to provide musical backing and support.
Ken is experienced in teaching music production to students either individually or to a whole classroom, and has taught classes and seminars at Baron School of Music, Fatbars, the HK Institute of Vocational Education, and the English Schools Foundation.
In 2008, Live became one of Ken’s core production tools and has figured in many of Hong Kong’s TV commercials to date. Ken has worked on hundreds of commercials for clients such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Sony.
No matter what your musical goals are, Ken draws on over a decade of experience in music production and aims to teach Live to students through a curriculum created specifically for their individual needs.

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