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覃宇 / Juny

  • Chengdu Sichuan Chine

Juny is a Chengdu-based electronic music producer, DJ, sound mixing engineer and music instructor. He has contributed to the music scene as a ghost producer for many years and is also the founder of the CMP (Chinese Music Producer) community website.

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Deeply influenced by his father, an instrument tuner and DJ, music has been at the centre of Juny’s life since childhood. Across years of on-site audio processing and teaching experience, he has developed a set of professional music production teaching programs, he has his own attitude towards music. Teaching music is his life's creed.

An expert in Ableton products, Juny has been using Ableton Live extensively to expand his live performances and create music since 2014. In teaching music, he is constantly updating his teaching methods and concepts, abandoning traditional paradigms, helping his students to progress further and find their creative voice.

Courses offered by Juny include:

  1. 1. Ableton Live Foundation and Advanced Courses
  2. 2. Music Production Foundation and Advanced Courses
  3. 3. Advanced DJ and on-site skills courses
  4. 4. PUSH 2 System Course
  5. 5. Synthesizer system course

WeChat ID:kjqinyu1

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