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Jo Borges

  • São Paulo Brésil

Jo Borges firmly believes that a true teacher should be the bridge between knowledge and art, while respecting artistic identity.

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Jo started playing piano at age 13 and never stopped. He has always been passionate about synthesis and attracted to sound design and music technology. As a musician, Jo has traveled throughout Brazil playing with local artists. In 2015, he chose to leave the stage to focus more on teaching, and founded his own school, Musicbit.

Jo has used Live since 2005 and believes it is an instrument for expression and making music without boundaries. He sees himself more as a facilitator than a teacher, helping people create art and connect with the art that already lives within them, and enabling them to use Live as a tool to express themselves. 

A passionate teacher, he is always eager to learn and happy to share his knowledge. In addition to teaching music and music production for over 15 years, Jo spends his time producing artists, mixing and mastering records, producing DJs and composing music for film, TV and advertising.

Jo is available as a consultant for the implementation of music and theater shows, sound design solutions for live shows based on solutions with Ableton Live. He has extensive experience and implemented various projects.

Jo offers group courses on Ableton Live at Musicbit in São Paulo, but is also available for one-to-one consulting, face-to-face or online classes, and workshops.

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