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Jef Aerts

  • Geel Belgique

Jef Aerts has been a professional sound engineer, music producer and musician since 1996. After starting out by playing around with old samplers, synths and guitar pedals, Jef studied Image and Sound at the RITS in Brussels. In 1999, he took a job at Galaxy Studios, where he gained invaluable production experience working as a sound engineer.

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After two years, Jef decided to go freelance so he could work in various music studios as well as teach others the craft of sound engineering by giving studio workshops and one-on-one Pro Tools and Ableton Live training.

Since 2004, Jef has worked for A Sound as an engineer in audio post-production, doing a lot of sound design for feature films, TV series and TV commercials. In his spare time, he works on his own music projects and composes music for TV commercials for companies such as Sony, Head & Shoulders, and ERA. Jef teaches musicians, producers and DJs the endless creativity of Ableton Live. His classes include Getting Started, DJ/remix with Ableton Live, Live on Stage and Ableton Advanced Production. Jef is one of the first certified trainers in Belgium. Classes are typically 4–10 students. One-on-one training and customized instruction are available.

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