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Javier Ferrer

  • Ibiza Spain

Javier Ferrer has been producing music since 1998. He was born in Ibiza and being very young he got used to listen to electronic music, it was for that reason that he decided to produce it for himself. He started using analog systems and during the following years He combined the analog with the digital. He discovered Ableton live in 2001 when the first version of that program appeared.

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Javier Ferrer’s career has been very varied. He had been working as a Dj, as a producer with some releases out with his name, he have made electronic live performances and he have taught in a lot of occasions since 2008. The kind of music he uses to work with is dance music. Nowadays, since 2012 he is the manager of the Ushuaia Studio being in charge of all the artists that every summer are there and anyone who can need any advice, help, or classes related to electronic music production.

Javier Ferrer offers Ableton Live courses for beginners and advanced users and personal advising in Ushuaia recording Studio in Ibiza. The classes are groups of maximum 4 people and it could be one-on-one.

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