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黄竑立 / Hotwill Huang

  • Beijing China

Hotwill 是来自南部海岸,现居北京的新晋低音制作人:在同步计划及燃音乐发行的数首个性彰显的单曲,以 Negative808 的身份将自己融合了 Drum N Bass, Grime, Footwork, Juke 等多种高BPM舞曲风格的节奏炸弹投入京城的舞池,也使他获得了国内最富盛名的低音派对组织 Syndicate 的邀请,加入成为了其固定成员。

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不仅是一名 DJ,Hotwill 也是一位现场表演者,通过 Ableton Live、Push 与硬件合成器搭建成独特的 Setup,带来少有的 140 & 170bpm 现场表演。

除了作为制作人和 DJ 活跃于北京的地下场景,Hotwill 同时也是音乐科技研究员和推广者,常驻于每周三发生在帝都鼓楼的 Floso x 燃 Workshop 推广关于音乐制作的相关知识。他不仅是一位前卫的音乐内容创造者,同时也在幕后积极地推广电子音乐文化:和好友 EZZZ 创办了线上电子音乐媒体 Freq, 定期在 Midifan 贡献音乐制作技术科普文章... 

Hotwill 提供多种不同的 Ableton Live 课程:无论你是想要通过 Ableton Live 学习音乐制作,还是想要使用 Live 进行现场表演和 DJ,又或者是想要通过 Ableton Live 丰富你的音乐制作技巧,他可以根据学生的水平和目的制定相应的课程。

他提供的课程包括 5 人小班、1 对 1 私人教学,支持多人小组报班和课程定制。

English Version:

Hotwill,A.k.a. Negative808 is a Beijing bass producer who hails from the southern Chinese province of Fujian. He has had several singles released on the Beijing based electronic label Ran Music. Since living in the capital he has integrated various upbeat electronic dance styles into his work; such as Drum & Bass, Grime, Footwork and Juke. On many occasions he has taken part in events thrown by one of China’s most respected Drum & Bass DJ collectives, Syndicate.

Aside from being a producer, Negative808 is also an active DJ& Live Artist in the Beijing underground scene, He combines Ableton Live and Push with hardware synthesizer to deliver unique 140 & 170bpm Live Set. Also In addition to being an avant-garde creator, Hotwill is also a behind the scenes promoter and supporter of the Chinese electronic music community. He consistently presents workshops on Ableton Live and electronic music production in conjunction with Floso x Ran Music Since 2017.

He offers different range of course of Ableton Live - whether you are new to music production, or a experienced artist who wants to use Ableton Live for live performing and DJing, even you are already a producer but want to get better with more advanced production techniques, he would like to help you to achieve your goals and given inspiration.

Class types include: 5-student class, group class and customized one on one.

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