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Hojin Lee

  • Séoul Corée du Sud

As a producer and an engineer, Hojin’s projects begin and end with Live and Push. As a seasoned teacher, his classes are always student-friendly.

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Hojin Lee started as a producer and guitarist for psychedelic rock band “Nastyona”, and later played in electronic rock bands such as “Telepathy” and “Ondahl.” He’s currently a producer for a K-Wave band called “Jeon Ki Sung,” whilst also producing and engineering synth-based alternative and electronic music.

Hojin Lee first started using Ableton Live 5 in 2006 to explore live DJing and performance. He now uses Live at all stages of making music, from concept to mastering.

In 2009, Hojin taught music production classes at Sangsang Madang in Seoul. In 2012, he moved to the Record Factory to develop curriculums for music production and to teach.

In 2017, Hojin founded Ringo Lab, a private music school which includes classes such as Ableton Live 101, Ableton Live 201 and a course dedicated to synthesizers.

Hojin uploads basic analog synth classes to his YouTube channel Ringo TV and will be producing Korean video tutorials for Ableton Live 10 and Push 2.

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