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杨瀚 / Hank Yang / ydd

  • Shanghai China

ydd 是常驻上海的DJ,电子音乐制作人,同时也是 GateMusic 門音乐创办人之一。ydd 本着激发学生内心创造灵感的理念为門音乐的学生提供教学服务并帮助学生对其职业生涯进行规划,努力为求学者打造一个高效率高回报的学习平台。

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ydd 于2014年开始使用 Ableton Live 制作音乐。深受电子音乐的影响,他决定放弃出国就读金融系,选择留在国内自学音乐制作。2015年他进入上海地下音乐行业,从事 DJ 与音乐制作教育。通过长期深入接触 DJ 与 Ableton Live 教学,他研发出了一套适合零基础学员的教学方案,这使得音乐制作的学习不再晦涩难懂。2018年 ydd 与半泽妹妹合作成立了个人公司 GateMusic 門音乐。这个地方将全球各地优秀的 DJ 与制作人聚集到课堂中为广大群体授课,与此同时他也与台湾音乐制作教育者——昊奇音乐的创办人一同创立了新的电子音乐制作教学论坛 www.gatemusic.club 。ydd 本着激发学生内心创造灵感的理念为門音乐的学生提供教学服务并为学生们搭建职业生涯平台,从而門音乐帮助了众多求学者从零走向成功。

线下课程: www.gatemusic.cn
线上课程: www.gatemusic.club

ydd is a Shanghai-based DJ, electronic music producer and one of the founders of GateMusic. In line with the concept of inspiring students to create inspiration, ydd provides a teaching service and career platform for students of the music, and strives to create a high-efficiency and high-reward learning platform for students.

ydd is a DJ/producer who started using Ableton Live to make music in 2014. He got into electronic music and decided to give up studying finance abroad to chase his dream.In 2015, he entered the underground music industry in Shanghai to engage in DJ and music production education. He has been in contact with DJ and Ableton Live teaching careers. He has developed a set of zero-based curriculum teaching programs, making music production no longer difficult to understand. In 2018, he founded the company's GateMusic music with his sister, and this place gathers excellent DJs and producers from around the world as lecturers in the classroom. At the same time, he also works with Taiwanese music production educators. The founders started a new electronic music production teaching forum www.gatemusic.club. In line with the idea of ​​inspiring students to create inspiration, ydd provides teaching services and career platforms for students of door music, thus receiving a lot of scholars from zero basis to success.

Offline course: www.gatemusic.cn
Online course: www.gatemusic.club

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