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廖海廷 / Hai-Ting Liao

  • Taipei Taïwan

廖海廷是擊樂手/音樂及聲音設計/模組合成器愛好者。海廷使用Ableton Live來創作、演出、劇場執行、教課及發展聲音的可能性。她現任新北市輔仁大學專案助理教授兼藝文中心行政組長、『 噪音印製』音樂品牌發起人、音樂/聲音的自由工作者。

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2004年海廷自澳洲昆士蘭省音樂院畢業後前往義大利 Fabrica 駐村,開始結合現代音樂及表演藝術的創作。 隨後她前往法國,以「評審一致通過第一獎」取得法國國立巴黎高等音樂院(CNSMdP)文憑。


2012起她在台灣的大學裡教課。目前在新北市輔仁大學設有電子音樂實作課,並全程使用Ableton Live來做教學。課程內容從基礎到進階,包含音樂、聲音設計及演出。

English Version:

Hai-Ting is a percussionist, music/sound designer and modular synth lover. She uses Ableton Live for making music, live performances, live theatre for dance and drama, teaching and exploring the possibilities of sound. Hai-Ting works as an Assistant Professor and Division Head of the Centre for the Arts at Fu Jen Catholic University as well as a sound and music freelancer.  She also is the founder of Printednoiselab in Taipei.

With a background in classical/contemporary music, Hai-Taing obtained her bachelor in Queensland Conservatorium in Australia and a diploma from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de danse de Paris (CNSMDP) with First Prize with unanimity of the jury in France. 

She has been devoted to the creation and performance of experimental music and distinctive forms of arts. Hai-Ting absorbed her music creation and performance experiences into teaching. 

Hai-Ting has over 7 years experience teaching in universities at Taiwan and currently lectures electronic music making, using Ableton Live, at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, covering subjects in music making, sound design and performance skills, levels from basic to advanced.

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