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Giulio Perinello

  • Shanghai Chine

Giulio is a musician, DJ and producer based in Shanghai. His love for music is a philosophy of life, pushing him to constantly experiment and innovate. Giulio teaches music production and Ableton Live in a friendly, passionate and inspiring manner, and encourages his students to express their musical ideas.

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Giulio started playing electric bass 20 years ago and began to explore electronic music and production in 2001. He has used Ableton Live since 2004. In 2010 Giulio graduated in music production from the Italian APM institute. Since moving to Shanghai, he has developed several musical projects and new conceptual live shows, including traditional Chinese instruments. Recently he has focused on composing and producing original soundtracks for videos and events, embracing and combining all musical styles.

Giulio has taught Ableton Live for more than 10 years in Italy, Spain, Mexico and China.

Apart from teaching in academies and developing his own curriculum, he organized workshops and live streaming tutorials covering many topics producing and performing music with Ableton Live. Through his extensive experience in diverse fields, his courses offer a unique view of Live’s possibilities to students of any level.

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