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Giona Vinti

  • Milan Italie

Giona Vinti began playing various kind of flutes and whistles in the mid-90s, then in 2000 he discovered a passion for electronic music, synthesis and sampling.

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He then began working with musical hardware and software and fell in love with Ableton Live (version 1). Giona began producing tracks and performing live under the Hyena moniker, exploring various fields of experimental electronics and mixing elements from jungle, hip-hop, techno, breakcore and ambient to sculpt his peculiar style of industrial hard breaks. Giona performed at various festivals and parties in Italy (Transhumanz, Museo Del Postumano, MEItech), Belgium (Kapotte Radio) and Berlin (Tacheles). He was one of the MEItech 2008 winners. He has releases on underground labels such as Kapotte Radio (BE), Reconfiguration Records (China), Dramacore (U.S.A.) and nukesatori (ITA), in vinyl, CD and MP3 format. In 2007, Giona graduated in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute (Milan) and started working as a freelance audio engineer for documentaries and television. The main course he offers will be a long-running audioMIDI production class focusing on advanced synthesis and sampling, Ableton-centric, of course. He will also give one-on-one customized lessons and offer workshops on peculiar aspects of Ableton Live.

Online classes are available for both individuals and groups. They will be customised on the student needs and are open to everyone: from the total rookie to the experienced user. Topics can range from basic Sound and Music Theory to basic and advanced Sound Design and Synthesis to tech details of modern DAW production, always using Ableton Live as a platform. They are delivered via a very popular online communication free tool that allows high resolution bidirectional screen sharing and high quality audio. Students will be allowed to record the lesson (audio and video) and can interact with the teacher during the lesson and during a dedicated Q&A moment at the end of it. Projects and files are easily shared with various free tools. Classes will be delivered in Italian or English, when needed. Giona's favourite genres are on the experimental side of the spectrum (anything from lo-fi hip-hop to full-on industrial mayhem) but no boundaries are set.

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