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Gabriel "Fortuna" Soto

  • Calgary Alberta Canada

Gabriel Fortuna is a singer-songwriter, producer and YouTube content creator. He has spent nearly a decade making music with Live. Whether it’s a class or a video online, his passion for music production, synthesis and live electronic music continues to drive him to share his knowledge and experience in the field.

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Gabriel Fortuna is a singer-songwriter and producer from Venezuela, now based in Canada. He has played guitar, bass and keyboards for the last decade and began his music production journey with Live in 2010. While his passion for music production originated from electronic music, he often includes elements of pop and rock in his music.

His passion for making music with Live has driven him to share his knowledge and experience in creating and performing live electronic music. Gabriel is one of the primary Ableton Live instructors at Beat Drop in Calgary, AB, offering comprehensive training to producers ranging from beginner to advanced. He also offers a variety of music production classes and workshops at local schools both in the public and private sectors.

Gabriel is available for one-on-one lessons and tutoring, both locally as well as online via video conferencing. Topics include training and support for making music with Live, mastering Push, developing live performance setups, programming with Max for Live and more.

You can also find him online via Phase Loop, creating and sharing music production resources and videos on YouTube and via his website.

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