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EUMES is Spain’s leading training facility for music and sound technology, and has created the first career-based degree focused on three main goals: master music production, sound, and music business.

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Based in Spain, with two headquarters located in Barcelona and Girona, EUMES not only offers the best professional tutors, but also state-of-the-art facilities and a range of services to create a unique and customized learning experience.

To achieve this goal, EUMES works closely with leading companies in the education, music, and entertainment industries, such as Gestmusic Endemol, The Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the University of Northampton, ERAM College, and numerous record labels, festivals, and booking companies.

EUMES offers a wide range of courses, such as the Advanced Music and Sound Degree, that focuses on achieving excellence in music and sound production techniques; or the Master in Music and Sound for TV, a course designed for anyone wanting to work in music and sound for audio-visuals, that was developed in collaboration with Gestmusic Endemol, an industry-leading TV production company.

EUMES individual educational modules include Music Production with Live, Ableton Live Performance, and Device Creation with Max for Live. Classes range from one-on-one up to 30.

Contact: Carles Reixach: (+34) 972 24 10 10

Course at EUMES
Advanced Music and Sound career:
3 years, 60 students per year (30 per class) starts 21 of September until June.

Music Production with Live (60h)
Ableton Live Performance (60h)
Device Creation with Max for Live (60h)

Ableton Live I and Live performance, each 60 hours of duration, classes of 15 students max, and next dates to be confirmed.

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