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Escuela de Música Electrónica

  • Mexico Mexique

Learn music production, sound design, performance, mixing and mastering online, from your own computer or mobile device, anywhere and at your own pace.

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Courses are offered for all levels and specialize in showing a unique combination of basic knowledge and pro tips not available in any book, manual or school. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ, musician or recording engineer, you will find a course that will take your skills to the next level.

Each course is created and recorded in HD video and high quality audio to offer you the best learning experience. You will also be provided with additional downloads, Live Sets and special tips.

Joaquin believes in teaching by example; you will find easy to follow examples that you can use to quickly create or complement your ideas and allow you to take advantage of workflow techniques and expert tips on how to achieve professional results.

Joaquin Jimenez is Latin America's first Ableton Certified Trainer. He uses his years of experience and teaching to bring you up to speed in basic and advanced topics, in both music production and Ableton Live.

Visit the school’s site to see the course offerings, curriculums and free lessons.

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