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Emily Johnson

  • Sheffield Royaume-Uni

Emily Johnson is a performer, musician, producer and educator with a particular interest in making the audio industry a more equal, diverse and inclusive place. She is co-founder of Equalize Music Production CIC, and loves helping students fulfil their personal and creative potential through music.

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Emily Johnson (aka Emily J Electric) is a performer, musician and DJ with a track record of shows at festivals (Fusion, Shambala) as well as clubs in Berlin (Subland, Urban Spree, Kosmonaut, Cassiopeia, VCF), Paris (Batofar, Glaz’art, Concorde Atlantique) and many UK cities. With Ableton Live at the center of her setup, she plays live flute and EWI, and controls custom LEDs to deliver an electronic music show that sparks with surprises.

In 2020 Emily and Liina Turtonen founded Equalize Music Production CIC, which teaches music production and creative confidence, and strives to make the audio industry a more equal, diverse and inclusive place. Emily develops and teaches all the Equalize courses, which are currently online and open to women and non-binary people. She also delivers courses and workshops on Ableton Live and Push for a range of organizations and primary and secondary schools.

Running the Sheffield Ableton User Group and various musician coaching programs has helped Emily build facilitation skills and a knowledge of different mentoring approaches. She believes that everyone has a gift to share with the world and the potential to grow, personally and creatively.

Emily’s goals are to share her passion by performing uplifting dance music, and to inspire others to shine, create, and express themselves.

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