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Eduardo Sterman

  • São Paulo Brésil

Passionate about music and technology, Eduardo Sterman gives inspiring courses in music production and performance with Live and Push at his music production school, 2600Hz Criações Musicais.

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Eduardo Sterman lives and breathes music technology. An audio and music lover, he completed major professional audio courses and created a revolutionary teaching method, combining the fundamentals of acoustics, audio and music with modern technology to offer inspiring classes on producing and performing any style of music with Live.

He runs his music production school 2600Hz Criações Musicais, teaching Live to music producers, musicians and performers. The “soul” of Eduardo´s method is to teach every concept his students need to learn, while keeping the tone musical, fun and easy to apply in real studio situations or live performances.

An AES, NAMM and MIDI.ORG member, Eduardo is active in the worldwide audio community, always researching and following the latest news in the field, as well as supporting the Brazillian community with his educational work.

His passion for music and sound creation are the fuel for his neverending desire to learn, and to teach other producers the most modern tools and techniques to reach the sound they desire.

You can contact Eduardo directly at 2600Hz Criações Musicais in São Paulo, where he teaches Live for music production and performance, as well as specialization courses in mixing, mastering, synthesizers, audio effects, remixing and other related topics all year round.

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