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  • Munich Germany

Drumnote Productions ‚Äď Music Production & Sound Design School is based in Augsburg and Munich. Founded by Ableton Certified Trainer Roy Perez, the school offers a wide range of courses and masterclasses of modern electronic music production, sound design and pro audio courses...

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...as well as specific virtual instruments workshops and coaching programs for beginners and professionals, children and adults. The goal is aimed at training musicians starting out with their own tracks and bringing their music production career to the next level.

Drumnote’s mission is to enable musicians and music enthusiasts to translate their creative musical ideas into the digital domain at the highest standard of today's music with the opportunity to publish their music and get artistic recognition using the school’s close relationship with the biggest music labels in the industry. 

A great focus at drumnote Productions is put on improvisation, performance, independence and creativity using the most relevant tools to achieve those goals. For example, technical knowledge of the DAW, music theory, live performance study, knowledge about sound, synthesis, sampling, and how to approach mixing all of this into a final, professional musical product.

Whether it's for the club, film, games, radio or TV commercials, Drumnote’s experienced teachers are the right people to lead the way towards the final goal of becoming a music producer and sound designer.     

Our students also benefit from special offers for Ableton Live and numerous plugins from our friends & partners as well as our industry connections (music labels, booking agencies, clubs, event organizers etc.).

Our courses and masterclasses take place in class rooms with computer stations well equipped with MIDI controllers, Ableton Push, audio interfaces and headphones. 

Our students get the opportunity to connect with each other at our come-together events and jam sessions where they can network, exchange ideas and start mutual projects.

Our school is open 7 days a week which gives the opportunity to everyone to fulfil their musical potential.

  • Producer Complete Courses¬†
  • Ableton Live and Push Courses and Masterclasses
  • Music Theory and live improvisation Courses¬†
  • Beats & Sampling Masterclasses
  • Native Instruments Maschine Courses and Masterclasses¬†
  • Mixing & Mastering Courses and Masterclasses
  • Sound Design Masterclasses
  • Producer Masterclasses for different music genres (hip hop/rap, electronic music, techno, deep house etc.)
  • DJing courses for beginners and experienced DJs
  • One-on-one, Groups, online and offline Courses¬†
  • Personal Coaching Packages¬†
  • Live Dj Workshops¬†
  • Music Business & Music Marketing
  • Max for Live
  • Extracurricular music projects for children and adolescents

Learn more at www.drumnote.de

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