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Dominic Au

  • Hong Kong Hong Kong RAS, Chine

Dominic Au (a.k.a. Bluedee) is the founder of Polypumpkins duo, a music producer, DJ and designer of electronic instruments. Being a synthesizer maniac and musical product designer, he knows how to inspire aspiring talents to achieve their musical goals with his own unique experience and knowledge in music technology and production.

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Dominic started producing music with Ableton Live back in 2009, and became a DJ in 2010. He began to score for project films and advertisements since 2013. Afterwards, he formed the electronic music duo Polypumpkins focusing on Electronica music from Synthwave to Chillout.

After finishing his tertiary education in Creative Arts, he became a producer in a video production house which shaped his instincts in video-music projects. In 2013, he entered the realm of Music Technology by becoming a Product Specialist for Focusrite / Novation. Ableton Live was his daily workhorse which he presented along with a wide variety of instruments & controllers in dynamic setups in tours of electronic music workshops, seminars & exhibitions from Asia to North America over the years. Music Technology is one of the most important aspects in his tutoring, music production and instrument design. He is now the Product Manager of ASM (Ashun Sound Machines) who proudly co-designed the award-winning Hydrasynth synthesizer.

Dominic is passionate about learning and sharing new music technologies, as well as exploring vintage electronic instruments. He appreciates the legacy and innovation from both old age and modern electronic instruments, and thus sound design became a core part of his production. His background has sculptured his style in teaching. He focuses on customizing materials to help students to achieve their learning goals and encourages them to be productive even in the learning process. Ableton Live, Push and diverse expressive instruments are the heart of his setup for both production, performance and education which enable his students to learn the real-world applications. Production, sound design and music technology are his specialties. Group classes in three different languages are available. He is now active in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

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