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David Surex

  • Séville Espagne

David began his career as a trumpeter at the theater company La Cuadra de Sevilla, which took him on several european tours. In 1999 David became interested in electronic music, which led him to work as a professional Dj. In 2003 he began making music with computers using Cubase, following his studies as a sound engineer. David has been using Live since 2004.

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David Surex is the founder, director, and teacher of Live at the ProAudio School, a school for electronic music in Seville, Spain.
He is currently a member of the group Bandit Camping, an electronic music outfit that merges guitar, bass, and vocals with Ableton Live. David’s musical creations span a diverse range of genres, from microhouse and minimal techno, to deep house and house, through to jazz and acoustic sounds. He is constantly trying to fuse different genres and sounds.

Over the length of the course, students will be given the opportunity to learn Live completely, from the basic up to advanced levels, including creative uses of Live’s tools and advanced production techniques.
David’s classes are designed to teach students to utilise all the tools Live provides and use them to compose music in any genre. The training is carried out in small classes, as well as individual lessons.
Courses for Djing and Sound Effects are also available.

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