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Dave "Dizz1" Norris

  • Melbourne Victoria Australie

Dave Norris, widely known as Dizz1, is a Melbourne-based creative luminary who has left an indelible mark on the world of bass music. His journey began as a turntablist, producer, and drummer, where he developed a unique “feel” that transcended scratching, drumming, and programming those signature sideways beats.

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He has produced tracks for iconic artists such as Roots Manuva with the mesmerizing “Here We Go Again” and Aloe Blacc’s soulful “Everyday Grind.” These collaborations stand as a testament to his exceptional talent and creativity.

For over a decade, he has passionately shared his knowledge and expertise as an Ableton Live production instructor. His teaching journey has taken him to diverse settings, including Indigenous communities, specialized trade shows, and even correctional facilities. During this time, Dizz1 crafted a unique curriculum, tailored to promote positive vibes through music, and has empowered countless aspiring artists to harness the power of music production.

Dave has also founded the non-profit organization, Sound of the Future. This organization is dedicated to working with young, disengaged, and at-risk individuals, harnessing the transformative potential of Ableton Live and Push to foster connections and opportunities.

In 2008, Dave achieved the prestigious title of Ableton Certified Trainer, a testament to his profound understanding of the software and his dedication to educating others. He has been a true pioneer in the world of Ableton Live, having embraced it from its earliest incarnation in 2002, and making it his primary digital audio workstation since version 5.

His compositions have been featured on prominent platforms, including Netflix’s “Easy,” Disney Plus’s “Saint X,” and even on the BBC TV network. These sync placements reflect his ability to craft music that resonates with a wide audience.

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Online Courses

  • Produce Music With Ableton Live: Learn how to produce, record, remix, improvise, compose, and edit your musical ideas using Ableton's Live audio and MIDI sequencing software.

  • Advanced Music Production With Ableton Live: Take your productions and live performances to the next level with concepts such as on-the-fly beat creation and building next-level grooves, bass lines, pads, harmonies, and melodies.

  • Performing Live with Ableton Live: Learn how to create a live DJ/remix set, build backing tracks for your band, or record and assemble an entire song, on the fly, in front of a crowd. Go deep into MIDI controllers, live performance concepts, and all the other tips and tricks he has learned over the years.

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