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Cora Novoa

  • Barcelone Espagne

Cora Novoa is a professional producer, DJ, sound technician and freelance music tech tutor from Spain. Trained as a classical musician and a flutist since 1997, Cora is also a sound and IT technician, and holds several Apple certifications.

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Cora Novoa has worked as both a sound and IT technician at companies like Apple. She brings her powerful live sets to the stage using Ableton Live to mix melodies with plenty of feeling, strong bass and synthesizers, in full harmony with her voice. Today, Cora performs in clubs and at major music festivals.

Besides conducting product demos and Ableton Live workshops, Cora has tutored people with particular musical approaches, including experimental pop and DJing in digital or hybrid formats. She specializes in electronic music, techno and synth-pop. Her classes include Advanced Production Techniques with Ableton Live, DJ Sets with Ableton Live (Standard or Advanced), Post-Production with Ableton, Sound Design, Advanced Synthesis and Modular Synthesis. 

Classes can be booked for small groups and individuals from entry to pro levels, and fully customized tutoring sessions are available upon request.

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