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Christina Horn

  • Knoxville TN États-Unis

Christina Horn, AKA Hudson K, is a pianist, singer, songwriter, composer and educator who has been integrating Live into her performances since 2009. She has been actively touring and teaching for a decade and is interested in the intersection between art and technology.

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Christina Horn first brought Live onstage to fill out her sound when traveling with a full band became cost prohibitive. Her initial Live set evolved from basic backing tracks to control over lights, video and effects. Having also trained as a classical pianist, she enjoys bringing Live to the traditional symphonic concert stage. She once performed as a guest soloist on a piece for orchestra and electronics. More recently, she composed a commissioned suite for computer and orchestra, which was performed outside in a wildlife reserve. 

In 2018, Christina was tagged to develop the Ableton Live curriculum for the new Audio Production Engineering program at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, TN. She is currently acting as a regional Live consultant, as well as engineering and producing tracks for film and television. She has a Master’s degree in Music and Pedagogy and is available to assist or consult, as an educator, composer and producer via Zoom or in person.

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