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Christian Schwanz aka. CEE

  • Berlin Allemagne

Producing music under the moniker Cee, Christian Schwanz has long been at the global forefront of eclectic, electronic bass music, with projects like Al-Haca and Bass Sekolah.

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Christian Schwanz has worked for cultural institutions such as Red Bull Music Academy and the Goethe Institute. In his 11 years in the Asia Pacific region, he ran SoundLab together with BorderMovement. He believes music is what connects us.

He has been working with Ableton Live for almost two decades, and over the years has always maintained his drive for teaching. His approach is professional and he loves sharing his passion for music.

Ableton Live and Push democratize music creation, empowering more people to make music and bringing freedom to the process. For Christian, helping people to grasp these tools and make the most of their creativity, as well as offering their music to the world, is extremely rewarding. Creating music is an important part of his life and when he talks to people about it, Ableton is always part of the conversation. 

His classes include ‘Getting Started with Electronic Music Production’, ‘Getting Started with Push’, ‘Doing More on Stage’, and ‘Advanced Production Techniques with Ableton Live’.

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