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Chris Pratt

  • Plymouth United Kingdom

Chris has been DJing for 20 years and using Ableton Live for over 10. His work with Live has had spanned production and performance of house, techno, breakbeat, d&b and hip hop as well as acousmatic/sonic art work. Chris currently uses Live extensively in his...

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...house/techno/bass music performance setup as ‘An Earth Without People’ with Ben Pooley aka Phat Chex (Apple Pips/Darkfloor Sound/NONOM).

Whether performing DJ sets augmented by improvised Push performances or taking their full analog setup out on the stage Live, Push and the APC 40 are central to An Earth Without People’s work at events in the UK and Europe.

Chris uses the Ableton products extensively in his visual performance work as a founding member of XYZ: Visual Architects.  XYZ provide projection mapped immersive environments at events and installations across the UK.

Chris leads a diploma course in DJ and Electronic Music Production & Performance for dBs Music, alongside modules based around performance with Live on degree courses. He also offers one-to-one tuition and short courses (maximum class size 6) at dBs Music and, their Plymouth based venue, dBs Live.

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