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Charly Fariseo

  • San José (province) Costa Rica

Charly Fariseo is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and live performer from San José, Costa Rica. He has been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2014 and specializes in working on audio branding, sound design and post-production for TV, radio and web media. Charly teaches music production and currently performs with his band Rombos.

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Since 2001, Charly Fariseo has been an avid multi-instrumentalist, exploring genres like rock, pop, electronic, incidental music, ambient and more. His versatile style has led him to engineer and produce albums for several bands, which has broadened his understanding of how musical trends evolve over time.

Charly is the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Costa Rica and organizes the Costa Rica Ableton User Group. Currently, he is developing a brand new electronic music production course at DJLab in San José, in conjunction with the Ableton Certified Trainer Dan Freeman from NYC, as well as the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory.

Charly started using Live in 2010 and two years later began using Push and Live on stage with his former bands, which led to him developing a passion for creating his own sound, using Live as an instrument.

As a trainer with ample experience with Live, and years of being a musician, Charly covers a wide range of topics in class. Modules include Intro for Beginners, Music Foundations, Advanced Production classes, Sound Design, Live Performance, Sampling, DJing with Live, Building Sampling Racks and others. He offers one-on-one classes in his home studio, group classes for 8-15 people at DJLab, specialized workshops at universities and music institutions, and online classes. His classes are hands-on, interactive and focused on making music and creativity. Charly encourages his students to find their own sound by exploring different genres and tastes.

Currently, motivated by his vocation for teaching, Charly is working on YouTube tutorials in Spanish and gear reviews.

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