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Cesar Berti

  • Madrid Espagne

Cesar's musical career started in the 1990s, when he worked as a DJ. In 2003, he discovered computer music and began his career as a composer and producer.

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His first compositions were created using Nuendo, and in 2006 he found Ableton Live, which opened a window to new possibilities and greatly expanded his creative abilities. Cesar decided to learn Ableton Live in depth, in order to use it for his main production DAW and in his live sets.

Since 2009, Cesar has taught classes in Ableton Live for the Klavier music school in downtown Madrid and for the website mamvideo.com, where he has created video tutorials since 2010. At present, Cesar makes progressive house, techno house, and electronic music.

Cesar offers courses in production, at a basic or advanced level, depending on the student's prior knowledge. Courses are structured around the production of a theme from start to finish, and Cesar explains, step-by-step, the techniques needed to achieve a professional result. He also teaches DJing with Live and specific courses on advanced techniques of mixing and mastering. To ensure each student receives personalized attention, classes are held to a maximum of six students.

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