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Brian Funk

  • Long Island New York États-Unis

Brian Funk is a songwriter, producer, and educator from New York. Brian hosts The Music Production Podcast and teaches music production for Berklee Online. Sounds from Brian’s Ableton Live Packs are used by producers all over the world.

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Brian began his musical career on guitar, playing in rock bands, recording albums, and embarking on tours of the East Coast of the United States. Beginning on a Tascam 4-Track Cassette Recorder as a teenager, he fell in love with the recording process. Central to his recordings is experimentation and sound design. 

His first contribution to the music production community was a free Ableton Live Pack, an Instrument Rack built from samples of feedback from his MacBook’s speakers in 2011. Since then Brian has released over 200 free Ableton Live Packs and created a huge library of premium Ableton Live Packs. Brian has built a special community of hundreds of fellow producers with his Music Production Club.

To further explore music production and the philosophy of creativity, Brian started the Music Production Podcast in 2017. The informal conversation-style show features an amazing array of guests from all corners of the music industry and creative arts. 

Brian believes in the power of a consistent work ethic and battling through creative challenges. “A little bit every day goes a long way.” In this spirit, he keeps a beginner’s mindset, always absorbing new ideas and questioning old ones. 

Brian continues to release a steady stream of Ableton Live Packs, tutorials, Music Production Podcast episodes, and music. 

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