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bray institute of further education

  • Bray Irlande

At the Bray Institute of Further Education (BIFE), we give students the practical skills needed to secure work in the industry.

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Music production, sound recording, electronic engineering, live sound, music theory and sound design are all covered over a range of one- and two-year courses. We also run Ireland's only full-time DJ Performance and Production course. We have two analog/digital recording studios and one custom music computer lab with twenty-four iMacs running various industry-standard applications, each with Ableton Live, an audiocard and a keyboard controller. We use Ableton Live to focus on music production, live electronic performance, controllerism and sound design. The addition of Max for Live to Ableton Live means we can help students develop custom software or control for performance, installation and special needs purposes.

At BIFE we insist that all modules are taught by professionals who also work in the industry. This ensures students are being taught the most current and practical skills needed. We also have regular guest lecturers, with lectures in the past coming from Steinski, Jeremy Ellis, Kid Koala and Roger Doyle, among others. These people are not affiliated with our college, but when they came to Ireland to play they were kind enough to come out and talk to our students.

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