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Ben Hovey

  • Asheville Caroline du Nord États-Unis

Trumpet/keyboard player, synthesist, and sonic scientist Ben Hovey, aka HoveyKraft, blends his artistry as an accomplished traditional musician with a deep knowledge of music technology, into a truly rare talent. His musical roots began at age 5 in 1982 with piano.

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He went on to learn the art of engineering, production, synthesis, and sound design.  He made factory patches for the minimoog voyager and samples for the first moog iOS app, filtatron, during his time working at moog music.  He began using Ableton Live in 2003 (version 3), which enabled him to push the envelope of possibility, synergizing the musician and DJ archetypes, while empowering and teaching others how to unlock their full potential.  As he plays trumpet with his right hand, he harmonizes on keys with his left, makes live loops with his feet, and seamlessly remixes and manipulates samples with these live performances.  Fusing electronica with soul, dub, jazz, hip-hop, and world music has taken him from Ultra Music Festival in Miami, to Burning Man, and beyond.  Ben teaches production and performance techniques using Ableton Live with private lessons, classes, and seminars.  Customized instruction is available from absolute beginner to the most advanced.

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