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Alberto Chapa

  • Austin TX États-Unis
  • Nuevo Laredo Mexique

From solving playback emergencies on festival stages and network TV shows to teaching Ableton Live in a dentist’s office, and in hundreds of people’s bedroom studios; Alberto Chapa is a Certified trainer that is ready for anything!

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Chapa is a versatile and experienced Certified Trainer with a genuine passion for helping artists, schools, and nonprofits to turn their ideas into reality. He is a natural teacher with a relaxed and upbeat approach.

Every session with Alberto is like a personal masterclass designed around your goals, customized to your areas of interest, taught at your pace, and catered to your unique learning style. 

Alberto specializes in:

  • Individualizing his sessions to your goals and style of learning

  • Communicating new concepts to your current level of experience

  • Activating your workflow to get you closer to your goals

Get in touch with Alberto for a free consultation to learn how you can begin producing the music you’ve always wanted to make, upgrade your live performances, or simply get started using Ableton Live; virtually or in-person.

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