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蔡策 / 重轻 / Zhongqing

  • Beijing China

重轻是一个生活在北京的吉他手、电子音乐制作人、音乐讲师、合成器发烧友。他是音乐技术的深度用户与布道者,他以 Live为核心建立了个人独特的软硬件融合创作方式。借助杂志、播客和视频的媒介,他以历史、文化演化与技术的视角,重新启发他人对音乐的理解与想象。

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从2001年接触DAW开始,重轻浸泡在数字音乐世界18年。大学毕业之后,重轻从传统声学乐器录制为主的音乐制作方式转向以声音设计为核心的电子音乐制作。重轻也是一个狂热的硬件合成器爱好者,他自我形成了一套 Live 环境下的混合工作方式,并为很多朋友在音乐创作系统的搭建方面提供咨询和指导。


重轻提供中英文一对一 Live 课程,包括但不限于 Live 软件的入门、硬件合成器整合以及声音设计等主题。他也会在北京不定期组织小型的交流活动。

Zhongqing is a guitarist, electronic music producer, teacher and hardware synth enthusiast. He has been embracing sophisticated music tech and found his own voice in Live with a hardware-hybrid fashion. By writing, podcasting and making videos, he inspires people to rethink music in perspective of history, cultural evolution and technology.

Using DAWs since 2001, Zhongqing has immersed himself in the world of digital music production for 18 years. He transformed from traditional acoustic recording to sound-design-focused electronic music making since college. Zhongqing is also a hardware synth enthusiast and enjoy working in Live in a hardware hybrid style. He has helped other artists building unique workflows for their own music making.

Besides composing and sound designing for short films, ads and indie games, he has been a keen evangelist for music technology and theories. His podcasts and videos about music basics and technology-culture influences have more than 2 million views, some of which are widely considered very inspiring general education of music in Chinese.

Zhongqing provides both online and offline one-on-one Live tutorials, including Topics from beginner-level Live software to hardware integration and sound design. He also host small meetings in Beijing to share knowledge and experience about modern music making.

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