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Francisco Jaen Velazquez

  • São Paulo Brésil

Francisco has played internationally as a DJ and has vast experience in music theory, technology and sound design. He is currently an expert educator in making music with Live, Push and Max for Live. He has experience in teaching music production in three different languages.

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Francisco started working with music when he was 17.

Having DJ’d in global electronic music hotspots, including Ibiza’s 2007 season at Space, Privilege and Eden, he decided to move to São Paulo, where he currently lives and works as a teacher of music production. 

After studying music theory for two years, he spent a decade studying sound design and acoustics. Since 2010 he has been a professor at São Paulo’s DJ Ban EMC, offering courses including Producing with Live (for beginner and advanced users), DJing with Live, Remixing with Live, Sound Design with Live and Max for Live for Beginners.

He regularly teaches one-to-one and group classes, and offers online courses in Maschine and sound design.

These days, Francisco produces underground techno for labels such as Finger Records in Brazil and Rhod Records in Spain.

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